Royal A-ware Cheesesolutions

Optimal processed cheese properties

At our site, we develop processed cheese tailored to the wants and needs of our clients in the food industry and the food service sector. Thanks to factors such as recipe, flavour type, composition, workability, baking process, baking stability and meltability, we achieve optimal results.

‘’Royal A-ware is unique in the market because we can supply processed cheese in different volumes – from small, custom production batches, to high-volume orders”

Flexible production

  • Custom recipes in relatively small volumes

Recipe highly optimised to the process

  • Colour, flavour, composition, meltability and dimensional stability can be tailored to your needs.

Low microbial value

  • Long shelf life

The right cheese types

Every cheese exhibits different melting behaviour. A blend of different cheese types normally creates a processed cheese with desirable product characteristics. Popular types include: Gouda, Edam, Mozzarella, Emmental, Maasdam, Goya, Cheddar, goat and more.

For special applications and custom solutions, we can develop recipes that are vegetarian, vegan, Clean label, low-fat, high-fat, lactose-free, coloured cheese, cheese mixed with herbs, etc.

Our own processed cheese production site holds the following quality marks and certificates: British Retail Consortium (BRC), Organic, ‘Meadow Milk’ (Dutch quality label for milk from cows in the pasture at least 6 hours a day, 120 days a year), Halal.

Variants and packaging

Processed cheeses are available in the form or blocks or sausages, pumpable in buckets, and more. These products are available in a variety of box, crate and container sizes.