Royal A-ware Cheesesolutions

Dried cheese


The power of dried cheese

Royal A-ware manages production of our own cheese ingredients for our clients in the food industry. Thanks to our extensive range of dried cheese products, from powders to strings, we can offer special custom solutions perfectly tailored to further processing in the industry.

Inspiration for different uses

Savoury decorations for the baking industry

Flavour is a key criterion for customers when choosing between baked goods. Social media trends and spending patterns amongst younger generations point to sustained growth in preferences for products that have a magazine-worthy appearance and are delicious.

Each of the various forms of dried cheese by Royal A-ware Cheese Solutions offers a unique result in baked goods. This provides even more opportunities and combinations to create visually appealing baked goods.

And as we all know we eat first with our eyes.

‘Our cheese granules remain clearly visible on bakers’ end products’

‘Our cheese granules remain clearly visible on bakers’ end products’ ‘We make cheese powders for the retail and sauce sectors, as well as cheese granules mainly for bakeries. Bakers sprinkle granules on dough for biscuits, cheese sticks or savoury snacks. The granules take just a few minutes in the oven. They also mix well with dough. Because our cheese granules are pre-dried to remove moisture, they do not melt into the end product. They remain clearly visible like grated cheese. Another benefit is that our granules offer a long shelf life, often even without refrigeration. And the flavour? We tailor it to the client’s needs: from mild to spicy or intense. We look for the best solution together.’

Glen Timmermans
Production Site Manager in Weert